Son lot khang kiem Activ-Primer cao cap

This is a product with fuction : against to alkali , white & smooth and fill the mini crack.


Acrylic, mildew resistant compound, original mould ZPT, mineral powder, water and addition.

Indicators of quality

A coverge in theory about 12-14m2/lit/layer. (Depend on surface conditions)

How to use

  • Surface must be clean and dry, don’t be cracked and substances reduce adhesion such as oil.
  • Use abrasive paper to chafe, then sweep or dry the surface before doing.

How to conduct

  • Execute tools : rulo, brush or spray gun.
  • Construction : sweep 1-2 layer on the handled surface.
  • Dry time : 2-3 hour in 23oC và 50% of humidity (depending on environmental conditions)
  • Dry time for the next layer : 4 hours after hpw.
  • Mix the paint at the rate not exceeding hpw 10% of the water when using spray and water do not mix when using rollers and brushes
  • Clean tools with water immediately after use.


– Store in a dry, cool.

– Place the paint in an upright position and hit tight lid

Information about Health and Environment.

– Avoid expose with skin , it can cause allergic reactions when exposed.

– Put into a safe place, out of reach of children.

– Avoid release to the environment, water

– Suggest to construct in dry place, avoid breathing dust and should use protective equipment during the construction.

– In case of splashing paint to face, wash immediately with clean water and must go to health centers for treatment.

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