Activ PU


  • Activ PU is the original polyurethane sealant, easy to use, no flow sagging (sag). Activ – PU reacts with moisture in the air to create a layer of soft rubber, highly elastic.
  • Be used to caulk gaps in structural construction of cement in general, ceramic, glass, metal, hpw wood…
  • Color: Grey
  • Main Components: Polyurethane thixotropic.
  • Packing: 600ml bar
  • Advantages:
  • Good UV resistance.
  • High durability.
  • Good aging resistance, waterproof and resistant to the effects of weather.
  • Good adhesion with many surface types.
  • Can be coated with water-based paint on the sealant layer.
  • No leak sagging on vertical surfaces
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