The terrace and roof-deck waterproof construction


Clean concrete surface carefully. Removes grease, dirt, debris … The flaw, honeycomb or cracks of the concrete must be repaired prior to processing. The edges of wall reinforced with cement mortar  + Active-Latex to cover edges.

  • Option 1 : Use Active – Plast : Acrylic plastic waterproofing membrane – 1 super-elastic component.


Use pure Activ – Plast, sweep 2 to 3 layers

Use a brush / roller to sweep the first layer and wait for it dry. (about 30 minutes)

Continute the same with the second and the third layer. The after must be at an angle of 90° to the previous. In the angular position and the wall, reinforce by polyester grid to keep things from crack. (stick the grid after the first layer already) on wall and deck. (every side is from 7 to 10 cm count from the toe)

As soon as the last layer has been finished, spread one dry sand and clean layer on the surface to create a rough surface. After the surface has been dried already (about 3 days), paint a layer of mortar before bricking.

Note : Depend on circumstances, you need or don’t need to spread the sand and paint mortar layer to protect.

  • Option 2 : Use Bitum membrane (slippery surface, sand or stone suface) – hot :

Fearure :

Bitumen sheet product made from Bitumen complex high-quality plastic, hot method.

How to use :

Layer is applied on the surface with a slope > 1%

The surface should be smooth, flat, hard, clean, dry and not to stick weak mortar, oil, grease and other impurities.


Lining : use Activ – Kote. Use a brush to sweep a Activ-Kote layer on the surface.

Stick the spread sheet : After Activ Kote layer has been dried, let dry lower surface waterproof membrane, dry by gas. Heat the construction layer and stick that membrane has been dried immediately.

If you use protection of mortar on Bitum layer, use immediately after finishing the waterproof membrane.

Note :

Depend on circumstances, on Bitum layer, you need or don’t need the protection of mortar

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