Technical consultancy

Advice waterproofing  for Basement and Water tank : + Clean the waterproof surface + Handle with positions that are leaking by Activ-DC01 + Handle with cracks by Latex Activ + Cover mortar and put reinforcing mesh at the edge that next to wall and deck + Conduct to waterproof layers + Conduct to paint mortar […]

How to handle with indirect positions Wall corner & floor: + Clean the surface + Cover the corner by Activ-Latex + Put the mesh reinforcement   The tube cross the floor and walls + Clean the tube placement + don’t let Active-Grout inserted into the gap between the pipe and the floor. + Conduct to […]

How to handle with low point waterproofing The cracks birds feet : + Clean the crack carefully + Blowing the rush, sand and soil that stucked in the crack + Moisten the surface area that be cracked like bird footprints + Mix diluted Activ – Latex and let it crept into the crack Big Crack because of […]

Popular Execution waterproofing Process Step 1 : Prepare the surface ( clean the dust, the adhesive to protect the surface cleanly before doing) Step 2 :  Resolve some positons, low point positons ( the crack, mini hole, defected concrete….) Step 3 : Moisten the surface by water Step 4 : Construction Step 5 : Examination […]