Waterproof Additive

  Activ PU is the original polyurethane sealant, easy to use, no flow sagging (sag). Activ – PU reacts with moisture in the air to create a layer of soft rubber, highly elastic. Be used to caulk gaps in structural construction of cement in general, ceramic, glass, metal, wood… Color: Grey Main Components: Polyurethane thixotropic. […]

    Activ TB 1L is solution to create glossy water-based liquid, odorless, non-toxic. Construction of simple, highly effective. Specializing: to create glossy for the walls that were painted water, decorative stone, split stone, ceramic tile, tile… Have to able excellent waterproof surface Components: Plastic hpw Acrylic + Additives Packing: 1L, 4L, 18L

    ActivR7 is super plasticizer additive, it has originated from Sodium Naphthalene ligno-SULPHONATED denaturing high-tech. Be used to produce the kind of high slump concrete, fast growing intensity to remove the formwork early, shortening construction time. Activ R7 suitable for concrete foundations, stuffed docked, concrete embankment, floors, walls, columns, beams … The product has […]

    Blocking immediately cracks and water leaks in the basement, underground water tanks, elevator pits… Color: White Acitv DC 01 is a special liquids that were used in combination with cement to produce a fast setting mortar. High intensity, good adhesion. Ability to control water perfectly, and impermeability. Simply Construction, hight efficiency. Components: Modified […]

Activ Crete N is additive for concrete waterproofing and water reduction (prolonged setting time) is derived from ligno sulphonate denaturing high-tech. Use to mix with concrete to increase waterproofing concrete works longevity. Suitable American standard ASTM C494 type A. Specializing waterproofing: floor, roof, walls, cisterns, ponds, terraces, basements, toilets, Seno … Components: hpw ligno-SULPHONATED denatured […]